I would like to update you about mom, and the cancer issue.  Well, sad to say, but in April 2009, the breast cancer symptoms came back, the Good thing is that after remission of one year to the month, we have found a new cancer therapies we didn't know before.  One of them being Oleander OPC, colldoidal silver, cayenne pepper, root beet, carrot, celery, beet, apple juice.  All of which it is said, that they target cancer cells.  Also, Sir Jason Winter teas, all of which mom is taking now.  I understand there have been very good results with all of the above.

So, we hope and pray that when we go back on November 19, blood work, will be like it has been before, Excellent!  Our thinking is this, if we were able to beat it the first time, without the above items, more reason we are going to tackle it this time too, and to use as a good a maintenance program.  



Now, lets talk about prayer, and the El Paso Cancer Treatment Center.  It started with an issue with one of my sisters;  My sister was talking about how she felt about some issues in her life. I prayed with her and for her, and she was at my place to hear and watch Christian programs to build her up spiritually.  She got better, with meds, supplements, the word of God and was doing fine for a while.  Her issues returned from what we call the enemy.  I then told my sister, you know, (tough love here), but you don’t have any problems, I challenge you, the next time mom has her flush done, you go with us and walk the horseshoe plank, as I call it. (Looks like a horseshoe to me).  You walk up and down that plank and pray for those people to yourself, and look at them, and when we leave, you tell me you have problems. 


When we did leave the area, and were in the car, I asked my sister, “well, do you have any real problems in you life?”  My sister said “No, I don’t have any problems, what I saw in there was a lot of pain, and I don’t have any problems compared to them.”  Then as I put car in reverse I said, “Well, I am going to find out why we can’t come and pray for these people!”  It was the Lord that put it in my heart to find out if we could indeed pray for them.


Well, needless to say, I got on phone and started my questions about how, and whom I needed to contact about this issue that was moving in my mind and heart.  It took about 3 months or so, between the reception desk, social worker, director’s secretary, and the Director, to get an answer that “yes,” we could give it a try.


So, from a need that seemed to be in my sister’s life, God opened up the door for us to pray for others in so much more need, like when mom was a patient there herself.  Mom said she would offer up her morning hours of her therapy at home, so I could go and pray on Friday's.  What a women! 


My sister, and I started off the road to pray for the patients that are taking chemo, this was new for my sister, not for me because thank God, I had been in the hospital ministry way before mom was told about the cancer.


Don’t get me wrong my sister knows how to pray, but she had never been in a ministry to pray for patients in a hospital or in any other area dealing with patients.  She only had to learn the do’s and don’t, pretty much all about the HEPA law.


So, we have had a good response from the patient’s.  We have only had about 6 patients who did not want to be prayed for and others for thankful for the prayer.  One lady told us that it was enough not have anymore side effects due to the chemo, praise the Lord! We will see how long this will last, we will just have to