Dr. Ben-Joseph and Staff


I would like to say about all the people in this gallery,  medical or  otherwise, have gone the extra mile, with mom and with other patients, as I was able to witness during mom's therapy sessions.  They not only do their work, but the love and caring they show is beyond what you would think.  (Not all employees work like this), they really care about patients, I saw this more so, with the Chemo Chicks (nick-name) on my part for them.  Amazing, how they were never to busy, for a hug, a smile, wait on you hand, and foot, as they say. God bless all of the people that helped mom. 








SANDY AND MOM         



Dr. Valilis, mom, above, and Staff Cancer Treatment Center East (Partial)


PATIEN INTAKE                    PET/MUGA SCAN




Appt. Scheduler                                     Chemo Chicks!     


Eddie Saloma        BenJoseph /mom/dad          Mom & Me   

Giles, mom, and dad  

 Giles is a spiritual son mom met at Eddie’s Clinic, Acupuncture above and became a son to mom, with hugs, kisses, words of encouragement, gifts, anything to make her feel better inside. Giles met our family, my sister's and brother and they liked him, I think...


This is mom and Marili, who is a very special friend of mine, ours, and will be doing mom’s eyebrows, this is a semi-permanent makeup, she is doing this without charging mom anything.  May God bless her always and her family


This is Lydia, another close friend of mine, ours, we met up with Lydia while mom was going through therapy.  She lives in Juarez, MX, and comes to help mom with the house cleaning, and does beyond what she is asked, not expecting anything in return.  Please keep her in prayer as she is working on getting her citizenship in the US.  Her permit will expire in September 2008


Silvia, my former neighbor.  I was blessed to have as a friend also, she would make sure I had something to eat, and she has filled my car with gas for several years.  When mom got sick, Silvia made sure I had gas in the car to take mom to appts. When I had to move, she said you call me and we will go put gas in your car.


This is mom, and Raquel, she was married to mom's brother Ruben, who went to be with the Lord a few years ago.  Raquel and her sister Lila, help me move in from my other duplex.  They had taken everything to and from the storage unit.


MaryLou Jara, whom I met at the Abundant Living Faith Center


 It was Christina Blancas-Stockton, that found out about mom, the Lord brought Christina and her mom, back into mom’s life, just in time to visit with her, before mom relocated to heaven!  Mom took care of Christina way back when, after school for 3 years, while her mom worked.




This was my friend for 30 some years, we met while looking for a job...  We lost her to what started as breast cancer.  I  wish we  had known all we have learned then to have been able to help her in her fight.  Estela, used to call my life events, "espie's adventures!"


WIRTZ Linda Caldwell 

March 26, 1957 -November 14, 2011.

She lost her 14 year, battle with cancer and won a crown in Heaven. Linda was a loving friend to my mother.  Linda made it a point to have mother join the Choir, at Abundant Living Faith Center, where they sang for about 15 years.  Linda befriended mom, and looked out for her at church.  Mom was in the Children’s church, where mom met Linda and took care of Brittany, Linda’s daughter when very young.  We all became good friends, and Linda continued her friendship with me, even after my mom went home to the Lord and gained her own Crown of glory with the Lord.  Now, they are singing to the Lord, like they used in the choir here on earth




Pastor, Rochelle Nieman, It was mom, that found them on a TV program back in 1979 on KSCE TV.  We became full time members, and Rochelle and Charles were introduced to mom's cooking.....they all loved mom's cooking.  We will miss Rochelle, and her cute hair styles, and her funny ways.  Rochelle has relocated to heaven and is free from that demon of cancer, just like my mom, Ofelia is free and so many others.  Peace be with the all families left behind....GBU!


Ms. Offie U. Rodriguez

September 12, 1956 - January 21, 2017

On January 21, 2017, at night, Ms. Offie, sister No.4, relocated to heaven, short of about 4 hours or so from my dad's relocating to heaven on (Jan 22-14). Picture below is Ms. Offie, and her 2 Children, all grown up now..... Peace to all out there who's family members have relocated to heaven. GBU All!