I hope and pray that this information will help someone out there, as when we found out it was a little to late for mom’s progress….


Mom had been doing very well, a month before we had gotten the CBC, and the cancer track marker test, which had gone from 150 to 24, WOW awesome.  Which meant all the supplements she was taking were working, with 1 side effect, which was the falling of her hair.  What we did not know was the following, which should be Red Flags for the rest of us for now or in the future to come.  The other red flag is Stress, Stress, brings down the immune system.  My mom "Rafita," had more than anyone should have during the fight of cancer....family, friends, siblings, etc., can bring you down faster than cancer.  Do them a favor, the patient, put your petty, yes petty stuff, aside for their benefit, to help in the fight of cancer, it's NOT, the fight of family, etc.


Mom had mentioned she had a dizzy spell while on the sofa, it passed, we said, could be side effect of the chemo.  It passed, and that was it.  Mom was also showing some symptoms like Alzheimer’s forgetfulness, disorientation, the other symptoms were lack to control her bowel movements but no always, once in a while.  We again thought it was the chemo side effects, and the stress she was under due to other factors in her life. Little did we know that the cancer cells had gone to her brain. In reading about breast cancer I don’t remember reading that it would go to the brain, what I had read was that with breast cancer it would go to the lungs, stomach, liver, or bones, or all of those. She was schedule for a CT scan perhaps had we done it then we would have seen the cancer and been able to do something. Bottom line is even though she had a seizure due to the tumors on her brain I am sure we could have been able to treat, what did do her in is this; they told me that most patients when the tube is taken out for them to breath on their own, they develop this mucous, that is so strong, yet they give them nothing to counter act it, and they call it respiratory distress. Mom went home to her maker, her Lord, whom she loved and served him for so many years. She is in no pain now, she is loved, and waiting for us to get it together so we may also be with her when our time comes to leave this earth and go to our eternal home, in Jesus name, AMEN.