Matthew: 7:7 –Ask, and it

Shall be given you; Seek,

And you shall find; Knock,

And it shall be opened

Unto you.


Ephesians 6:11  Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil.















Where did I leave off? Oh, yes, we were going to tell you what mom took and when she took everything .... Like I was saying; when we met up with Dr. Ben-Joseph, mom had already been taking Essiac and Red Clover for about a month or so. Dr. Ben-Joseph first did a test of her breast called a Thermo-gram, he does not believe in mammograms. He then got her started on several supplements, but before we got started on those he did tells us, told mom, we can beat this but.... you have to do what I say, and no room for mistakes here; (mom had decided then Not to have her breast removed and wanted to go all natural and prayer) in other words, nothing like; I don't like it, I forgot to take it, I didn't know, etc. So, he made the list, and oh, so much stuff to take!


So here we go, first thing he said is No sugar, sugar feeds the cancer cells, no potatoes, potatoes turn into sugar in your system. You can use Stevia  for sugar, made from a plant, and sweet potato instead of meat, unless meat is from grass fed cows, no meat with hormones.  Chicken without hormone,  fresh wild fish, Salmon, sardines,  2 salads a day, fruits and veggies, organic if possible.


OK, here is the list.... well, it seemed a lot at the time; to the Essiac and Red Clover, he added the following: (I will be putting up the chart we used to get all this done.)




PROVAGEN - Will help with the brain, energy, memory. 

TUMERIC - Indian spice that get to the brain cancer-tumors. 

MULLEIN - Is for the Lung-cancer. 

ASTRAGALUS - Is for cancer cells, as we found against chemo side-effects, mom had no vomiting, etc.

GLUTAMINE - Builds up the muscle tissue, etc., that cancer destroys.

VIT D-3, much needed for the body, like getting your sunshine which is heat and cancer cells, don't like the heat....


GLOBULO ROJO TONIC - Build Platelets, build blood cells(herbsofmexico.comGlobulo Rojo 16oz 10.75 MODEL s40900)

L-THEANINE - Stress, great for the day no drowsyness, yet helps you sleep

GARLIC - Immune, infections, as well honey


Probiotic Eleven                 Vit E & Selenium     


7 Keto                                 FishOil                                 

L-Lyzine                              (Lugol's Solution

Essiac Tea                           for Thyroid-Goiter)

Celtic Salt                            Red Clover BioFlovanoids                      





I will be showing the actual chart I made for mom, to make it easier for her to take all the supplements to avoid forgetting any of them. We first, went to Dr. Ben-Joseph in March 30, of 2007, on December 19, 2007, Dr. Ben-Joseph sent us to the El Paso Cancer Treatment Center to see Dr. Valiles.  Mom got started on TAXOL, and HERCEPTIN,  Taxol is a Chemo - made from a tree and ONLY targets the cancer cells and not the good ones! By the end of April, we had another PET scan done, and no cancer showed up on it.  Dr. Valiles said, I'm not saying there is no cancer, but PET scan does not show the cancer in lung or on her breast anymore, and blood work is Excellent, so keep doing what ever it is your doing, because it's working!    Between the time we started the supplements, to the time we got the good report, it had been about a  year and a 3 months, of non-stop with all the therapies.


I would monitor mom when I went over which was everyday, for home therapy, which consisted of InfraRed bed, Magnetic Pulzer, cleaning and putting onitment on her breast, nebulizer therapy,  then off to Cancer treatment center, acupuncture, etc, some of these were on the opposite side of the city for us.


You can’t just give the patient the chart and let them on his or her own, too much to do and remember.  It’s up to the person that becomes the care-giver, care-taker, You  in a nut shell like, I was referred to, become (medically) the mother, father, sister, brother, etc. to insure the patient (mom) took what and when she needed.  You will not be the most popular person in the family, well, in some cases.    I also typed out a sheet of  paper with healing scriptures and put one under clear plastic on kitchen table, one in the bathroom, one in her bedroom, so where she spent most of her time she would see the word of God.  An issue with scriptures in the bathroom  came up and dad said this, "I don't feel comfortable reading scriptures from the wall in front of the toilet, I feel it's disrespect for God."  I said this, "Well, I think God would rather you read scriputre in your personal throne room, then Not read the scripture, after all, you are a captive audiance in the bathrom, and the word of God is right in front of you, how can you go wrong?"


Eddie our acupuncture friend, told us about Gano Derma Coffee, it's a red mushroom from China, which is used against cancer cells.  Making it very tasty. It comes in Green Tea, Mocha, Cocoa, and Black Coffee.  The good thing about this coffee is that that Gano breaks down the caffeine from 16 percent that decaf has to 9 percent with GanoDerma!  Not much caffeine to begin with.

 Towards the end of therapy Dr. Ben-Joseph gave mom to take the Baking Soda and Maple Syrup treatment first thing in the morning. Based on the information, Ben-Joesph gave us, I found  this baking soda remedy, on the Internet. You might also look up Dr. Simoncini for more information.