I will start with mom and dad, they have been married for about 60 years or so…. with lots of ups and downs, but still married.  I tell mom, you are in a table of a very few, that have outlasted the years, because nowadays not too many people can say that stayed married to the same person for such a long time.


I am number 2 of 6 children.  We are 5 females, and one male.  We all graduated from High School, and I believe only the youngest of us has gone to college.  The rest of us, have worked and had some kind of trade school, or just work experience.  Either way, I think we have done all right.


That I know of, I have been the only one to have a physical disability from birth.  I had polio when very young, and as long as I can remember went to therapy, while my siblings were in school.  I had therapy up to my junior year in High School.  I used to have to wear a metal brace with a shoe while sleeping, and I walk with a limp due to residuals of polio.  My motto is, If I can do it, so can you!


Mom, never treated me with special favors,  she taught me from very young to take out trash, wash dishes, go to regular school, go to work after high school.  Do what any normal person would do.  At any rate, I thank mom for helping me to overcome a disability, and join the rest of the world, as cruel as it has been at times.  I can say I owe it to mom, the strong person I have come to be, and a Godly woman at that! 

 All thanks to mom Ofela.  Thanks to dad, who always had food on the table, clothes to wear no matter what was going on around him at work.

Well, I think this is all for now….