When mom didn't want to do something she would pretend she couldn't  hear, she would say," I can't hear you, what did you say?"



Isaiah 40:31  But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength:  they shall mount up with wings of
eagles:  they shall ran and not be weary, they shall walk, and not faint.








Psalms 91:11  For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways.













"Nothing is Impossible to Those That Believe"


I would first like to thank God, for all the courage and strength he gave us during this ordeal.


Special thanks to our mom (above), wife, a great friend, and of course the best cook!  


I thank mom for being there for us, in all of our ups and downs. Teaching us the Word of God for our future, and not to give up on life. Thanks to dad who financed the first portion of treatments, thanks to the GECU, Rosa Gautreaux, in El Paso, TX, for making it possible for me to get a loans for the other portion of the treatments.  When it seemed so impossible, God made it possible through GECU!  Also, thank God that the three  buildings we had to go to, the parking was close to entrance, with no stairs or steep ramps to deal with.  Also, thanks to Mr. Jaime, director of the Cancer Treatment Center, East of El Paso, Tx, for allowing us to pray for cancer patients who wanted to be prayed after 20 years of this not being allowed.


Thanks to Dr. Ben-Joseph, N.D., M.D. (MA) Board Certified Naturopath, and his staff, that’s mom’s Nutritionist, in my words (supplement guy).


Thanks to Dr. Valilis, and Oncologist staff, at the Cancer Treatment Center-East, El Paso, Texas. Eddie Saloma, Acupuncture Therapy. Also thanks to the many people praying for mom, and all the ministries that had mom, and family in prayer.  Thanks to Charlie Alvarado, and to those I might have left out, thanks! Thanks to Breavenet.com, for giving me plenty of time to complete these web-pages, without any pressure, as I did these in between therapies, and everything esle.


We want to share our experience of what we learned in hopes, that it will help others to make some changes at this point in their lives.  A change for the better, and fight the good fight of faith against cancer.


The Lord, put it in my heart to make a healing Scrap Book for mom, and I went around taking pictures of all who had been involved in mom’s therapy. I mentioned it to Dr. Ben-Joseph, and he said, "Why don’t you go on myspace.com and do a web page?" I laughed and said what is myspace.com?


Dr. Ben -Joseph said, you should put it out there for others to know how you all did it, and how it worked for your mom, and perhaps to help others achieve winning over cancer. Give them some hope. 


Well, I must say I am not a writer, this will be just from our own experience, and how we went about it.


I will try to make it short and get to the punch line of what mom took, how and when, to be clean of cancer in her body.




          Mom and I                               Ms. Espie



                    mom happy and in remission in 2008!